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MS-G-01 poly acryl gel


60℃, 3500~4000mpa.s
100% new retail and high quality
Suitable to apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails and natural nails etc.
Help strengthen your nails with a durable shiny coat
Perfect for both professional use and personal use


【Series】:MS poly/acryl gel
Use step camouflage color hard jelly quick building poly gel:
Step 1.washing hands, wiping nail and removing cuticle
Step 2.brushing Brush a thin layer Venalisa base coat, curing 1-2 minutes by 36w UV lamp
Step 3.Brush a thin layer venalisa color, curing 2 minutes.
Step 4.Brush one more layer color, curing 2 minutes
Step 5.Brush a layer Venalisa top coat, curing 3 minutes
Step 6.Wipe nail surface with cleanser to get perfect shining.
Soak off camouflage color hard jelly quick building poly gel:
Step 1: Soak cotton pad with liquid remover.
Step 2: Warp the finger.
Step 3: Wait for 2~5min.
Step 4: Gently file away.
Attention camouflage color hard jelly quick building poly gel
Prevent touching by children.
Keep away from sunshine and heat.
Keep tight after use.
Follow directions for use.
Discontinue use if sensitization occurs
It is normal phenomenon if the gel goes thicker in the case of temperature reduction.
If you have any problems or suggestions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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